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After Five Decades In Boxing, WBF Vice President Jean-Marcel Nartz Retires
POSTED ON JUNE 26, 2019.
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ANNOUNCEMENT   Photo: Now former World Boxing Federation (WBF) Vice President Jean-Marcel Nartz, working as a WBF Supervisor.

The World Boxing Federation (WBF) is saddened by the resignation of Vice President Jean-Marcel Nartz, who, due to health reasons, has decided to retire from boxing at the age of 73, after five decades of boxing administration.

The untimely and unbelievable passings of my good friends Olaf Schroeder, Juergen Lutz, Dean Powel, Dennie Mancini, Dan Goosen, Cedric Kushner, Rene Monse, Graciano Rocchigiani and Markus Beyer in recent years gave me a big warning signal. They were all younger than me”, says Nartz.

Boxing was and is my life, but at my age I have to step back a bit now.”

WBF President Howard Goldberg: “We wish Marcel all the best in his retirement, and thank him for many years of selfless dedication and commitment to the WBF.”

Christian Roesen, WBF Executive Director, adds: “Marcel has always been a tower of strength in German boxing, and he will definitely be missed. He was excellent, working for the WBF as Vice President, Championship Committee member and as a judge.”

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