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Venue Change For 2019 World Boxing Federation (WBF) Convention
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ANNOUNCEMENT   Photo: New venue for the 2019 World Boxing Federation (WBF) World Convention in Germany (Click photo to see full banner).

The World Boxing Federation (WBF) is extremely excited by its upcoming Convention to be held at the Center Parcs Park Hochsauerland Hotel in Medebach, Germany from 7 - 10 November.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to move from Oberhausen to Medebach, just outside the majestic city of Korbach, a city over a thousand years old and one of the most beautiful in Germany.

All delegates will of course still be collected at their airport of arrival in Germany and transported to the hotel in Medebach and returned at the conclusion of the convention.


The four star hotel has an incredible amount of amenities and entertainment and while we have some boxing business to attend do, delegates can use their spare time for archery, tennis, golf, water-world, skiing, mountain biking and many more exciting possibilities.

For those who need relaxing the hotel boasts an outstanding spa and wellness centre.

Our convention boxing-event will take place in Korbach and fall under the jurisdiction of the BDB, which will continue to cement our strong relationship with them going forward.

Our gratitude of course goes to promoter Enrico Schutze from PSP Boxing who must be commended on his enthusiasm and commitment to this event. The WBF is very appreciative of Enrico's efforts, and with two or three titles on the show, Korbach is certainly in for a treat on fight night.

The WBF has always been known as a strong family, built on ethics, honesty and professionalism. The WBF has some of the finest human beings on the planet, and when together at the convention we will see fun, laughter, warmth and lots of boxing both in the ring and at the beer table.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Medebach and Korbach.

Howard Goldberg.


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