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World Boxing Federation (WBF) 2019 Convention Report  |  Day 2
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CONVENTION   Photo: Breakfast, always a good time to enjoy good conversation with old and new friends from around the world.

After starting the second day of the World Boxing Federation (WBF) 2019 Convention in Medebach, Germany with a nice breakfast buffet for all attendees, it was time for the official opening ceremony.

Hosted by the Center Parcs Park Hochsauerland Hotel, speeches were made by Vice President Torben Seemann Hansen from Denmark and President Howard Goldberg, both welcoming everyone.

President Goldberg started his speech by presenting a number of current WBF Champions in attendance, before officially dedicating the convention to late Executive Director Olaf Schroeder, who suddenly passed away in April.

Goldberg spoke warmly and passionately about his relationship with Olaf, and their common visions for, and commitment, to the World Boxing Federation. He also honoured his departed friend with a touching self-made video.

Besides thanking the entire WBF family in general, and a number of key people in particular, Goldberg also spoke about the current situation of the WBF, and plans for the future.

Photo: From Left: trainer Rudolf Pavlin, Executive Director Christian Roesen, manager Mirco Scoco, President Howard Goldberg, World Champion Ema Kozin, Henry Tillman, Benelux Rep. Emmanuel Demanet.

He made it clear that while it has been a rough period post-Schroeder, which also saw the retirement of former Vice President Jean-Marcel Nartz, whom Goldberg thanked for his efforts, ambitions remain high.

Goldberg stated that he has full confidence that new Executive Director Christian Roesen is the right man to fill some very big shoes, and expressed his admiration and gratitude that Roesen is facing head-on the challenges this includes.

The WBF President also welcomed on board new Womens Boxing Chairman Clare Burke, the current Vice President of the American Boxing Federation (ABF), and revealed that discussions are ongoing with the ABF about a cooperation between the two federations.

It was also announced that Kuwait representative Abbas Sadeghi has been promoted to Middle East Chairman, acknowledging that this part of the world has in recent years become a hub for professional boxing.

Following a coffee break, Executive Committee-member Eddie Marshall, also a renowned referee and judge with many years of experience, did an officials seminar after being introduced by Executive Committee Vice Chairman and judging/refereeing-colleague Ernst Salzgeber.

Photo: A packed house for the big Convention dinner at the Center Parcs Park Hochsauerland Hotel in Medebach.

The seminar was followed by the weigh-in and rules-meeting for Saturday´s WBF Championship Boxing Event staged by Enrico Schuetze and his PSP BoxTeam at the Walmehalle in nearby Korbach.

After some free time in the afternoon, the day ended with the Convention Dinner and 2019 WBF Awards ceremony.

To see the 2019 WBF award-winners, CLIK HERE.


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