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French Federation Applauds WBF

Posted on May 22 2013                                              Bookmark and Share
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The Federation Francais de Boxe (FFB) have publicly voiced their support and approval of the World Boxing Federation and issued a statement to that effect on their official website. This comes on the heels of a lunch meeting between newly elected FFB President André Martin and WBF administrators headed by WBF Vice President Jean Marcel Nartz during the recent WBF World Championship between Sebastien Madani and Anderson Clayton.

“To be honest, at first I was skeptical about the WBF,” admitted Martin, “but since so many French boxers have competed for WBF belts over the last few years I took time out to educate myself about the World Boxing Federation.”

However, after Nartz and Tonio Tiberi, who is a member of both the WBF Executive and Championship Committees, explained to Martin how the organization works, what are its goals and visions, the FFB president became a firm supporter.

Said André Martin: “We must live with the times and it is a fact that the WBF provides boxers with fair opportunities. Why not let the WBF push them to the top? Even if some media remain skeptical, I think the time has come to admit the good work the WBF does for the boxers. It is the FFB’s goal to continue to work in harmony with the WBF, because they are a very promising organization which constantly expands all over the world.”

The next Frenchman to get a short at WBF glory is adopted Carlos Takam, hailing from Cameroon, who challenges WBF World Heavyweight Champion Michael Grant this coming Friday near Paris.

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