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Interview: WBFed Promoter Of The Year Ulf Steinforth

Posted on July 5 2010                                              Bookmark and Share



The World Boxing Federation „Promoter of the Year 2009“ award is just one of many honours bestowed upon your promotional company SES during the 10 years in business. What does this WBFed award mean to you in comparison with others?

Even though I consider it a huge personal honour, it is also a reward for my staff, my partners and everybody who helps us putting our shows on. Normally, everyone just looks at the fighters and the front faces of a company, but for me those people who work quietly over weeks and months to put our events on are extremely important. This award is for them.

You have promoted many important World Boxing Federation fights, both male and female and among them was the WBFed’s “Fight of the Year 2009” Qato vs Liggieri. But which one stand out for you personally?

Without a doubt the WBFed women’s heavyweight title fight between Natascha Ragosina and Pamela London in Ekaterinburg, Russia. That was a real big thing and very spectacular and I’m very proud about this event.

Talking about Ragosina, your WBFed heavy champ: Before winning that title she completely cleaned up the super middleweights, but in which division will she compete in the future?

Well, that’s ultimately Natascha’s choice, but I think we should stay at heavyweight. That’s something very special in female boxing.

Please compare the World Boxing Federation to other sanctioning organizations!

There’s not much of a difference for me. The WBFed works very professional and their people have a lot of integrity. Just their two heavyweight champions, Evander Holyfield and Natascha bode very well for their future. They will surely establish themselves very nicely.

You currently have two WBFed world champions in the female ranks with Ragosina and new super featherweight title holder Ramona Kühne. When will we see the first male SES boxer fight for a WBFed world title?

I hope pretty soon, we certainly have some interesting boxers in the line-up.

Together with WBO super middleweight champion Robert Stieglitz and IBF welterweight champion Jan Zaveck, SES is now at the pinnacle of its 10 years in the game. What are your next goals then?

We just hope all our fighters stay healthy, have success and get along well economically. And for myself, I simply want to retain the fun and enthusiasm I have for the sport and with promoting.

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