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World Boxing Federation (WBF) Official Statement
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STATEMENT   Photo: World Boxing Federation (WBF). 

The World Boxing Federation (WBF) continues to mourn the passing of our Executive Director and dear brother Olaf Schroeder and he will never be forgotten.

The WBF however, continues with business (as Olaf would have wanted) with the implementation of several changes and updates.

1. Christian Roesen will assume the position of Executive Director with immediate effect. Christian was actually groomed by Olaf for this position and I am certain will do justice to both Olaf and the WBF going forward.

2. The day to day activities of Europe will continue as normal with Christian Roesen taking overall charge, although certain countries in Europe will report to either Vice President Jean-Marcel Nartz or myself.

3. Susie Lau, Olaf’s wife, will continue her position as General Secretary of the WBF, a position in which she has done excellent work.

4. Todd Neal, of Kentucky, USA will assume the position of WBF North & Central America representative. Todd is a vastly experienced boxing administrator who formerly oversaw boxing in Kentucky as a commissioner.

5. Juan Luckey, originally of the USA, but now residing in the Philippines, has assumed the role of the Philippines representative.

Any additional queries can be directed to either me (E-Mail: / Phone: 0027 84 58 14612), Jean-Marcel (E-Mail: / Phone: 0049 171 50 11 606) or Christian (E-Mail: / Phone: 0049 1575 1053 960).

The World Boxing Federation (WBF) will continue to grow bigger and better as we continue our philosophy of honesty, transparency and integrity.

Howard Goldberg

PRESIDENT: World Boxing Federation (WBF).

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